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Managing Low Back Pain

This course will be tailored towards health and fitness providers covering the epidemiology, finding and appraising research, best practices, and practical communication and rehab strategies for the management of low back pain.

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The physique athlete

These seminars are tailored towards both competitive physique athletes, and those interested in improving body composition. Covering all aspects including lifestyle intervention, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and summarizing the current pool of evidence. 

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Exercise for the aging population

This course is tailored for healthcare and fitness professionals, as well as those hoping to learn more about the management and risk reduction of conditions associated with aging, such as sarcopenia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Boxing Practice

Research appraisal and synthesis 101

This online course will be tailored towards healthcare and fitness students, new graduates, or providers looking to improve their research literacy and continuing education skills to stay up to date on the continually changing landscape of MSK evidence. Focusing on search simple and accessible resources, understanding methodology, interpreting study results, and how to continue to develop these important skills.

Laptop Writing