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PRP and injection-based interventions

with dr. jim eubanks

Dr. Jim Eubanks, MD, MS, joins the crew once again for today’s episode, bringing platelet-rich plasma therapy to the forefront of the discussion, as well as other topics in the realm of injection-based therapies. We get to go over the basic science and theories of PRP, and then we enter the rabbit hole of the current pool of research, and what we as clinicians in musculoskeletal healthcare should know on the topic, to help educate our patients. Remember that this is still a relatively new area in healthcare, and there are certainly a fair number of limitations that Jim underlines during our conversation.

Be sure to check out Jim's first appearance on the show in episode 5!


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24h movement guidelines

with Dr. Lora Giangregorio

We were privileged to be joined once again by Dr. Lora Giangregorio from the University of Waterloo. This time Lora joins us to discuss the recent release of the new Canadian 24h movement guidelines. She played an important role in the creation of these guidelines, and so who better to share more information on the creation process, and to overview what we as health professionals should understand and be able to translate to anyone who may benefit from learning more.


Some of the topics we touch on in this episode include accessibility to guidelines, public outreach and knowledge translation, the inclusion of balance training for those aged 65 years and over, the utility and limitations of group fitness classes, and most importantly, being able to make physical activity relatable to anyone we happen to be working with.


If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our first discussion with Dr. Giangregorio which is episode 9.


24h movement guidelines here:


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100% Canadian Beef

with ifbb pro iain valliere

We are joined by Iain Valliere, a professional, Canadian Bodybuilder. He competes in the IFBB professional circuit and is an ANS Performance Athlete. He recently placed 7th in the Mr. Olympia, the world’s largest bodybuilding show, and has also won the New York Pro open bodybuilding show. As a professional bodybuilder, he is known for his high levels of strength and is the coach of Chris Bumstead, the reigning 2x Mr. Olympia for Classic Physique.


This episode brings us a new perspective from one of the top physique athletes in the world. We discuss the tremendous amount of effort and commitment it takes to be a physique athlete, and some of the parallels that can be found in the rehab setting, we touch on some mental and social aspects in reaching physique goals and we bust a few myths along the way when it comes to improving strength and muscle mass. There are plenty of other topics throughout the discussion, but we won’t spoil the surprises.


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podcast on steroids

with Peter Bond

Peter Bond is self-taught in the field of anabolic steroids and has three papers on his name in the scientific literature as a first author. He has written three books. His first being about anabolic steroids, written in Dutch, and his second written about sports supplements, also written in Dutch. His third is the recently released "Book on Steroids", which is published in English. He's currently wrapping up an English translation of his book on sports supplements, which he hopes to release in the near future.


In the content that follows, we tried to tie in the use of anabolic steroids from a clinical perspective, touching on their benefits and side effects, their use in a variety of medical conditions, considerations for medical testing and safe use, and a number of other interesting talking points. Keep in mind, this discussion is for learning purposes only, and should not be used as medical advice - you consult your physician for further questions and investigation.


You can find more of Peter's content here:



Book on Steroids:

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How to save the world

with Ben Cormack

In today’s episode we are joined by Ben Cormack, a physiotherapist, educator, founder of CorKinetic and The Better Clinician Project, who has presented at a number of high profile events such as the San Diego Pain Summit. Ben shares tons of high quality content and thoughts on social media, and has a number of great continuing education courses.


We got to discuss a wide array of topics throughout the chat. In the early parts of the discussion, we covered the importance of research appraisal and interpretation from a clinician’s point of view, the trichotomization of the evidence-based pillars and the biopsychosocial model, and Ben’s development as a clinician. The conversation shifts towards the use of more flexible rehabilitation, the importance of a therapeutic alliance, we’re treated an education analogy for the ages, and we even see Ben taking over as the host of the podcast. We finish off the episode by putting Ben on the spot with a fun, yet unfair, rapid fire session.



The Better Clinician Project:



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stenosis boot camp

with dr. carlo ammendolia

In today’s episode we are joined by Dr. Carlo Ammendolia, the director of the chiropractic spine clinic and spinal stenosis program at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He is an assistant professor and faculty member of the University of Toronto spine program, and has also been the recipient of the professorship in spine award from the department of surgery in the faculty of medicine.


Ben, Mike and Dr. Ammendolia discuss lumbar spinal stenosis, including the epidemiology, patient presentation, prognosis and available management strategies, including his conservative exercise program titled “lumbar spinal stenosis bootcamp”.


You can find more information on his work here:

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squats, swings and strength

with dan john

Dan John joins Dave and Elliott for todays episode to have a good old fashioned strength and conditioning chat. Dan is an elite level strength and weightlifting coach, an all-American discus thrower, holds the American record in the weight pentathlon, has competed at the highest levels of Olympic weightlifting and at the highland games. Topics of today's episode include training to become an elite athlete, regressing and progressing exercise variations, keeping strength training simple, developing work capacity in the gym and doing 10,000 kettlebell swings in the span of a month and living to tell the tale.


Dan is an author of many books, and has been a guest writer for Men's Health and T-Nation. You can find out more about him and his resources here:

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living with chronic pain

with dr. bronnie lennox thompson

Dr. Bonnie Lennox Thompson joins the show for episode lucky number 13. Bronnie is an occupational therapist, and recently completed her PhD at the University of Otago, developing a theory of living well with chronic pain. She has worked in the field of pain management for most of her career, with additional roles in the realm of pain psychology, vocational management and policy development. She currently teaches at the postgraduate level in pain and pain management, with a particular focus on psychosocial factors, coping and resilience.

If you would like to read more of Bronnie's work:


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